Accurate and Private Speech Technologies
Finally, a way to verbally communicate and transcribe in complete privacy. Perfect sound anywhere – on a plane, in the street or at the office. Patent Pending Steno SR is a hand-held sound booth for use anywhere you want total voice privacy and noise cancellation. Compatible with all devices and speech recognition software it is the quietest and most accurate microphone on the market today.
INTERPRETATION / TALKSYSTEM®Learn More Affordable interpretation/translation equipment for schools, churches, community meetings or anywhere you need your message to be heard. The TalkSystem provides clear, quiet and accurate communication between a speaker and a multilingual audience without distraction, interruption or misunderstanding.
Source: Talk Technologies – Accurate and Private Speech Technologies
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Think and Zoom – Hands free visual magnification powered by the human mind
Zuby Onwuta, a legally blind US Army veteran and ex-IBM engineer, has been officially recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as the inventor of “Think and Zoom: Brain-Control for Blind Assistive Tech”. The visually impaired, which includes people with low vision, and those who are legally or totally blind, are often restricted by their hand controlled assistive tech and thereby lose out on hours of productivity. It’s exciting to see a legally blind person invent a way for people like him to have the “holy grail” of hands-free use of blind assistive technology in order to improve user experience and increase productivity. We’re looking forward to seeing how Think and Zoom will transform the world for the visually impaired!   Source: Think and Zoom – Hands free visual magnification powered by the human mind
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Disability Cocoon

Making Disability Technology Possible

We are a disability technology catalyst organization.  We source and promote disability technology solutions and innovation, to inspire and foster increased independence.
What We Do

Tech:Fest Registration

Regional Tech:Festivals

Not conferences...festivals!  Cutting edge disability technology sessions and demos in a laid back environment.  Food trucks, breweries, massage, games, and more.  In person and virtual attendee options! Launching October 15th, 2018



Various national/regional in person training, online webinars, podcast, and Facebook Live educational sessions all on disability related technology innovations. Launching July 20th, 2018

Tech:99 "Daily"

Tech:99 "Daily"

We are testing 99 tech ideas over several months and sharing them!  Almost daily, real world short disability tech implementation stories & ideas on Facebook Live, Zooms, and our Podcast.  Follow us on Facebook for details, to submit your ideas, and share your stories with others. Submit your solutions! Launching Oct. 22nd, 2018
Source: Disability Cocoon - Tech:Festival Cincinnati | October 15, 2018
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Pocket Schedule Planner on the App Store
Pocket Schedule Planner app interface

Pocket Schedule Planner

MANAGE ASSIGNMENT Kinds of sections are designed to track down all your assignments easily and intuitively. You can either organize your assignments by date, by course or by priority, or sort them by completed or uncompleted. KEEP YOU ALERT Powerful notification feature makes sure that you will never miss even one class or assignment. The app allows you set general notification of all classes and separate alarms of each assignment. FILLED WITH FEATURES -Easily manage different semesters and holidays. -Manage detailed information of all your instructors. -Add a course, exam or assignment easily. -Each course has a well-designed icon. -Sort all assignments into different sections as you want. -Done an assignment easily, just by one tap. -Today’s classes are shown in specify module so that you can get them intuitively. -Each assignment and class has their own notification. -All classes are shown in a week view, you can scroll to get the information you want so that you will not forget even one class. Download and start to use Pocket Schedule to make your school life easier. Think of Pocket Schedule as your classes, exams & assignments alarm clock. If you have any problems or suggestions please send a mail to, and you will get the response in a short time.
Source: Pocket Schedule Planner on the App Store
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IndeeLift | Healthcare Providers | Caregivers
Patient lift for caregivers


WELCOME TO INDEELIFT The People Picker Upper! Indeelift has  developed a line of Our patented line of products address the growing need to help people up from the floor avoiding further injury to the fallen or those who care for them. that are specifically designed to pick people up safetly from the floor.  Our patented line of products address the growing need to help people up from the floor avoiding further injury to the fallen or those who care for them. We are in the business of picking people up from the floor.  If you have a problem we have the answer! Introducing the newest "People Picker Upper"The HFL-500-E for Emergency Medical Services is now available!! Video:
Source: IndeeLift | Healthcare Providers | Caregivers
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english text to speech voices
Reliefband for Nausea black watch-like band

Reliefband for Nausea

Reliefband® is drug-free, clinically-proven, doctor-recommended FDA-Cleared wearable technology for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with: Car, Airplane, Boats, Virtual Reality, Vertigo, Pregnancy, Amusement, Chemotherapy and postoperative nausea, and vomiting. Reliefband® 2.0 is indicated for use in the treatment of nausea, retching and vomiting due to motion sickness, chemotherapy and morning sickness associated with pregnancy. Reliefband 2.0 is also indicated as an adjunct to antiemetics in reducing postoperative nausea.Drug-free Reliefband 2.0 uses clinically-proven technology to quickly and effectively relieve nausea, retching and vomiting. Includes charging cable and one 7.5 mL tube (0.25 oz) of hypoallergenic conductivity gel.
Source: Reliefband®
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OpenBraille, a DIY Braille Embosser

A mechanical braille embosser cost over a 1000$USD and an electric goes from 3000$ up to 5000$. I tough about making one for a friend but I couldn't find a DIY version, so I decided to make one myself. This isn’t, by any means, a finish product. By making the machine an open source project, I am hoping others will improve the design. In a near future, with the help of others makers, OpenBraille will reduce the cost of these printers and it will allow anyone with a visual impairment to read and write. So, if you know someone, if you are a maker, if you are curious or if you want to help out, please feel free to follow this tutorial and help me built a community around OpenBraille.The encoder is pretty much the heart of the embosser. Most of the commercial machines emboss the dots by impacting the sheet. Because it’s harder to build a precise machine out of 3D printed parts, I designed a different system. Instead of impacting and applying all the energy in a single hit, OpenBraille uses a physical encoder and a roller. This way, the embossing is gradually done and the parts can be easily printed.
Source: OpenBraille, a DIY Braille Embosser
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ISAAC free online collection | Explore Taylor & Francis Online
ISAAC AAC Journal Cover


Enjoy free access to articles selected by the Editors of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Official journal of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC)
Source: ISAAC free online collection | Explore Taylor & Francis Online
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W3C : New Redesign
Web content accessibility guidelines


The redesign makes it easier to skim pages, read content, find specific information, and discover new resources. It's also easier for the community to be involved in improving resources. Much of the content is revised. We plan to revise more content in the coming months. The redesigned W3C WAI website makes it easier to get information to help you improve web accessibility. The visual design, information architecture, navigation, and overall user experience is all new. Planned Changes and Known Issues
  • Planned change: Visual design enhancements - more graphics, more color.
  • Known issue: Some pages in the old design do not redirect to the new design. (Some are not in the new design, and we'll be adding information on those.)
  • Known issue: expand-collapse buttons in NVDA
  • Several minor tweaks listed as Issues in GitHub
Source: W3C WAI Website Redesign Information · w3c/wai-website Wiki · GitHub
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Pointello laser-wireless low-tech communication system | Talk To Me Technologies

Pointello laser-wireless low-tech communication system.

Just point and communicate! Pointello provides a quick and easy way to communicate medical requests, basic needs and common words and phrases.

How it works.

Just attach the communication board to a wall, turn on the laser and let communication begin!
  • Attach an access switch for independent control of turning the Pointello laser on and off.
  • If no switch is used, a convenient on/off switch is located on the laser.
With virtually no training or set-up required, Pointello can instantly relieve the fear and anxiety of not being able to communicate.
  • Hospital stays (post-operative and in-patient care).
  • Long-term care facilities.
  • ALS & veteran care clinics.
  • Doctor’s offices.
  • In the home as a back-up communication system.
Source: Pointello laser-wireless low-tech communication system | Talk To Me Technologies
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