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Two Book Page Holder: Carving vs 3D printing are two examples of book page holder. One was created using wood and the other using a 3D printer. The first project can be purchased on Amazon (  for $26.95 cents.             This tool … Continue reading

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Make-A-Thon in Reston, VA – Accessible Community

http://www.ispeech.orgMake-a-Thon Do you live in the Washington, DC area, live with a disability, and have a challenge that you would like assistance in overcoming? Do you know someone who fits this description? Nova Labs in Reston, Virginia is gearing up … Continue reading

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EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The Wheelchair POP Topper – WWAY TV3 CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Bumper stickers have long been used as a form of expression on the back on a car or truck. But in Carolina Beach, a woman has found a way to break barriers with the … Continue reading

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MIT students hack assistive technology solutions for local clients | MIT News More than 1 billion people globally need one or more assistive devices, such as prosthetics and communication devices, to address problems resulting from their disabilities. However, currently 90 percent of people in need are without access to those products, … Continue reading

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Santa’s Little Hackers Event Registration

Text to Speech During our seasonal event, we adapt toys to be used by people of limited physical abilities. These toys allow them to play, interact, find joy and learn. We take battery powered toys and interrupt the circuit by introducing … Continue reading

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DIY iPad Mini Tripod Mount

Text to Speech DIY PVC iPad Mini Tripod Mount Make it yourself tripod mount for an iPod Mini. Use 4″ pvc sewer pipe to create a great iPad Mini tripod mount. Learn to flatten this material , create patterns/templates and … Continue reading

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