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We’re not getting Luke Skywalker’s prosthetics any time soon

Text to Speech DemoIn 1937, robot hobbyist “Bill” Griffith P. Taylor of Toronto invented the world’s first industrial robot. It was a crude machine, dubbed the Robot Gargantua by its creator. The crane-like device was powered by a single electric … Continue reading

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Sphero Connected Toys in Education

Text to SpeechAspect Hunter School in Sydney, Australia is a school for children on the autism spectrum. The school is attended by 130 kids, beginning at age four, as well as around 30 Spheros. Robotic balls that can moved remotely and programmed, … Continue reading

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Leka: A Tiny Robot That Helps Kids With Autism With Motor, Social & Emotional Skills

high definition tts There’s a new robot in town. Although it looks like any other toy robot, it is more of a companion, especially for children with Autism. Leka, the robot, encourages children with autism to develop social and motor … Continue reading

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Robotics Improve Brain Assessments

http://www.ispeech.org/text.to.speech BKIN Technologies is transforming the assessment of brain-injuries by putting robotic technology in the hands of neuroscientists and clinician scientists around the world. KINARM Labs were invented by Dr. Stephen Scott, a professor in the Department of Biomedical and … Continue reading

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HERB: Robot Butler

Text to Voice Who knew that a robot butler, whose mission in life is to assist people in their everyday environment, would so quickly become a star. Recently I made my stage debut in David Ives’ one-act comedy “Sure Thing.” … Continue reading

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Loughborough Experts to Develop Robotic Clothing for the Elderly

http://www.ispeech.org Loughborough University experts are helping to develop robotic clothing that will enable disabled and elderly people to live independent lives. Researchers at Loughborough will be working with six other universities to develop wearable robotics to help people with mobility … Continue reading

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Robotic glove and games help patients regain control of their hands

Free Text to Speech  If you ask this particular team of University at Hertfordshire researchers, they’ll tell you it’s with the help of a robotic glove called SCRIPT or Supervised Care and Rehabilitation Involving Personal Tele-robotics. It’s designed to fit … Continue reading

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Air Hockey Robot Project | Accessibility Possibilities

Text to Speech The Air Hockey Robot Project above is currently used to create a robot opponent to a single human player. JJ Robots are selling parts of the kit to build your own.An exciting potential upgrade to this project … Continue reading

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Robot bed morphs into wheelchair

http://www.ispeech.orgDeveloped by Panasonic, the bed is designed for people who have limited mobility and is intended to provide an extra level of independence. via Robot bed morphs into wheelchair – YouTube.

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ASK NAO Initiative | Accueil

http://www.ispeech.orgASK NAO (Autism Solution for Kids) was created by Aldebaran Robotics to customize NAO, our humanoid robot, in order to support teachers with in-class tasks and help children with autism reach new levels of greatness. via ASK NAO Initiative | … Continue reading

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